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Nicholson Lumber of Nicholson, PA, has top-quality lumber and plywood available in cedar, pine and oak. Special order hardwoods including cherry and mahogany are also available. You can customize your order according to the size, dimension or any other specifications. Ask us about the high-quality kiln-dried and treated lumber we offer.

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Any dimension, no problem

Quality construction and finish grade materials available from Nicholson Lumber are OSB, yellow pine, T 111, Luan, and underlayment.


At Nicholson Lumber, you'll be getting the best quality wood at an AFFORDABLE price. High-quality kiln dried and treated lumber is available and hundreds of sizes and profiles are available weekly by special order.

Special orders always available

We'll make sure you get only the best lumber for all your projects.


Nicholson Lumber will recommend licensed and insured contractors to help you do your remodel.

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